18 September 2011

Peugeot 308 Sedan debuted in Chengdu

While the car journalist around the globe still catching breath on the massive amount of important new car launched at Frankfurt Auto Show, Peugeot has debuted the 308 Sedan at Chengdu Auto Show. For us in Malaysia, the show nearer to home could signify a better relevance in terms of model showcased over here rather than over there. 

For years, Peugeot small sedan is comical at best. Essentially a booted hatchback, those car were poorly proportioned, and as a results, looks like a hatch, with boot grafted as afterthought. In Malaysia, we were served with Peugeot 207 sedan, essentially an old Pug 206 from year 1998 when the hatch originally launched, with boot grafted on, and underwent into cosmetic surgery to implant a Peugeot 207 face and hey presto, you have a Pug 207 Sedan, proudly launched in our shore in 2010. It even has the rear door from the hatchback model, spoiling the sedan body line entirely.

Peugeot has launched a 308 sedan in Chengdu, and this represents a shift in Asian-market thinking as far as sedan is concerned. It looks coherently integrated at the back, while the front end has been given a facelift inspired by new Peugeot 508.

The latest car side profile is way better than Peugeot previous attempt in creating a sedan from a hatchback. The boot is better integrated with the rest of the body, and the rear door is no longer awkward looking. In short, it looks like a proper sedan.
The front end is low and sloping, incorporating Peugeot latest design language in headlight and grille design. Heavy chrome finishing adorned the front fascia, an enhancement preferred by Asian conservative customer. The rear is nicely done, with LED light completing the rear pleasing aesthetic. 

The engine line-up for the new 308 Sedan is 1.6l and 2.0l four-cylinder engine. The naturally aspirated engine produced 110bhp and 143bhp respectively and paired to 5 speed manual or 4 speed auto transmission. The lower capacity engine, on-paper at least, is an outgoing combination is Peugeot 308 market as the current unit has 6 speed automatic unit.

Now, any chance for this model to land in Malaysia shore?