14 September 2011

Youngman Artiga Concept in Malaysia - Satria Neo FL?

Remember the Youngman Artiga concept car from Shanghai Motorshow back in April this year? If you not, head to Paultan page here. That very car is a Satria Neo, with redesign front end, and souped up with all the skirting in the world. The asthmatic Campro engine has been supercharged in this concept. This could be the product like RCR Europestar ( a LHD Gen2 with Youngman emblem and littered with Engineered By Lotus tag all over the place), but since the deal with Youngman and Lotus has reportedly been on the verge of break-up, this deal seems like a distant unlikeliness. Anyhow, ericmaxman has the photo set of Artiga car in Malaysia. In the pictures, it looks like the ground floor carpark at COE.
The front end has been totally reworked for this rebadged exercise. Although the front bumper has similar lower side intake with R3 Satria Neo bodykit, thats the only similarities. After such as effort, any plan to convert this to Satria Neo FL? Perhaps a for a run-out model. Do you realize that Satria Neo has never been facelifted in its now 5 years of life?
If you think the front end is aggressive, wait till you see the rear. There is a massive diffuser back there, with a  very steep angle at that. This is when the aesthetic overtakes CFD.
A trendy DRL is included. Common Proton, facelift the Neo before killing it next year....More photos after the jump.

17" Oz Racing Superturismo

Mildly retrimmed interior. But we have seen a better effort in the Satria Neo R3. Perhaps Proton should really consider of facelifting Satria Neo and sell it as a run-out high performance model with this design. Better still, get the drivetrain from this car below:
This is the old photo of an old car. Spotted in Proton premise back in 2007. If you know what packed underneath the vented hood, you won't bother thinking about Campro again, be it supercharged, turbocharged or twincharged!!