13 September 2011

Updated Honda Insight revealed

Honda has revealed the 2012 model of its hybrid model, the Insight, at the Frankfurt Motorshow. Essentially just a minor nip and tuck to enhanced the aesthetic and refinement of its hybrid baby.

Honda has updated the fascia cosmetic on both end. The front end gets a blue tinted headlamps, perhaps further accentuate its environmental credentials. The grille and front lips has been sharpened up. At the back, the spoiler has been revised to enhance visibility and the tailgate garnish has been re-colored as grey as opposed to body color.
The hybrid drivetrain remained a familiar IMA unit, but some minor tweaking has given the 1.3l i-VTEC an improved mileage and lower CO2 emission. More photos after the jump.

For the cabin, Honda has been criticized for poor plastic quality, in their bid to drive down the cost of their costly hybrid car. For the 2012, the cabin has been updated with new fabric and added wooden trims.

The changes implemented should be made available across all continents soon. Although minor, it should keep the interest level high perhaps for another year before mid-life facelifts kick in.