11 September 2011

New Audi A6 now in Malaysia

Euromobile has launched the latest generation of Audi mid-sized sallon, the A6 to Malaysia market. Sole model offered to Malaysia market is the 3.0l TFSI V6 with Quattro drivetrain. There is a talk that the smaller-engined in the form of 2.0l hitting the market in due course.
The 3.0l comes with a price tag of RM 515,000 excluding insurance. More details after the jump.
The car carries the latest of Audi design language, with new headlamp design that is slimmer towards the centre-line of the car. Signature LED DRL is present too. 

For the chassis, Audi has stick to its tried and tested architecture. The car is equipped with four-link front suspension and multi-link rear suspension. The body shell however, has adopted their latest thinking in the efficiency through lightweight design. 30% of its body panels are made of aluminum. Among the metal, several manufacturing technique was employed including hot and cold form.
The interior is typical Audi teutonic efficiency, with solid and expensive material utilized throughout the cabin. Chrome, silver accents and leathers are littered through the interior, carefully planned to lift the ambience to usual Audi sombre but pleasingly soothing interior.

In Malaysian market, the new A6 competes with the likes of Mercedes-Benz E-Class and BMW 5-series, spesifically E300 and 535i. However, the CKD Merc E300 costs significantly less at RM 455,888 with more badge kudos to boot. The CBU F10 535i however costs more at RM 598,800. Perhaps when Euromobil starts to localize the car, the competition will more keen, as outgoing 3 litres A6 is priced at RM468,000.

Brief technical specification.
Dimension : 4915mm x 1874mm x 1455mm (length x width x height) with 2912mm wheelbase
Engine: 3.0 V6 TFSI, 300bhp@5250-6500 rpm, 440Nm@2900-4500rpm
Transmission: 7 speed S-tronic
Fuel consumption: 8.2l/100km (combined cycle)