13 September 2011

Perodua Myvi 1.5 - SE and Extreme - RM50,900 to RM61,700

*Update - Full Test Drive Report at http://malaysia-motoring-news.blogspot.com/2011/09/perodua-myvi-15-seextreme-design-review.html

Early news for those who are waiting for the 1.5l version of the popular new Myvi 2011. Early brochure has been leaked by  Perodua salesman so if you like what you see here, head on to call him to book the car as it will surely fly out of the Perodua shelves like a hot cakes.

There are two variants of Perodua Myvi 1.5, called SE and Extreme. Both are powered by 3SZ-VE 1.5l i-4 engine that we have seen in service for Alza model. The output are as per Alza, at 104bhp@6000 rpm and 136Nm@4400 rpm, which combined with lower kerb weight (995kg vs 1150kg) should gives it a sprightlier performance. Both model comes with manual and auto transmission option.

SE and Extreme variants are differentiated only by their accessories package. SE version could be said a cooking version for the 1.5l with more or less similarly equipped like the Premium 1.3 model. On top of the 1.5new front and rear bumper design design, the Extreme version comes with additional skirting to give it more aggressive looks. Although alloy wheel remains at 14", the racier bumper design (especially the skirted Extreme) give it more masculine appearance.
Myvi Extreme front
The version you see here is Extreme. Compared to SE version below, it comes with additional front lip complemented by skirting. Both version gets new front bumper design with larger air intake and blank-out side intake which also housed the fog lamp. Front grill garnish has carbon fibre graphic on it.
Myvi SE front view
Same differentiators applied to the rear end as well. The most obvious difference is the rear skirting on Extreme version is much more aggressively sculpted than the SE, which only housed a "diffuser" in the lower section of new rear bumper design. The exhaust tip also point rearwards instead of downward like the 1.3l version. Rear spoiler design is different too. The SE spoiler is greater in span compared to 1.3l spoiler, but the Extreme spoiler is even more sculpted and wavier, as if subtlety has never been in its dictionary.
Myvi Extreme rear

Myvi SE rear
For the interior, both model of 1.5l gets an all-black affair, presumably to inject some air of sportiness. Suprisingly, Perodua goes extra miles in equipping its sportier model with semi-bucket seat, completes with red fabric on SE version. Extreme version gets the same seat covered with leather. The rest of equipment level is on par with the Myvi 1.3 Premium.
The all-black Instrument Panel (IP) is quite distinctive when paired with silver painted centre console. Aircon controller has chrome bezel surround it too like the Myvi 1.3Premium and Elegance. The audio system is as per the smaller-engine sibling, but the lighting is now in red which applies to meter binnacle too. For information, the touch screen audio system that comes together with navigation (as per 1.3l Elegance) is a cost option for SE model. At least you are now given an option to specify your choice.
Red fabric covered the semi-bucket seat. This really lift up the interior ambience, especially when viewed together with the racier red-illuminated meter binnacle. Black door trim also make the presence of silver garnish on door pull handle more attractive. This was rendered next to useless in 1.3 Premium and Elegance as it tone is almost similar to door trim lighter hue. Seems that Perodua is really upped their ante and double their effort compared to previous SE.
The Myvi 1.5 Extreme gets an additional items such as standard touch-screen ICE (optional on SE), leather covered seats as well as custom high-performance carpeting ( hehe couldn't resist it).

Specification of Myvi Extreme are as below:
 Specification of Myvi SE is as below:
Myvi Extreme is factionally longer due to its more protruding skirting. The dimensions are as below.
Myvi Extreme dimension
Myvi SE dimension
Now we get to the interesting part, the pricing. The SE version starts at RM50,900 for Solid Color Manual. Going for an auto will cost you RM 56,000. Opt for metallic paint for both model will cost you an additional RM500. The Extreme variant starts at RM58,200 for Solid, manual version and goes up to RM61,200 for automatic version with solid paint. As the SE model, going for metallic cost additional RM500. 

5 colors are available for the SE version which are Ivory White, Mystical Purple, Ebony Black, Glittering Silver and the new Majestic Yellow you see here. The Extreme version is limited to Ebony Black, Ivory While and Majestic Yellow only.

If you like what you see here, please proceed to your nearest Perodua showroom for booking. The salesman who sourced this brochure quoted one month delivery after launching so perhaps you might want to give him a call. Anyway thanks to him for an early brochure. The Myvi 1.5 SE and Extreme is due to be officially launched on 15 September 2011. So two more days to go.....