30 September 2011

BMW ActiveHybrid 5

BMW has launched its next installment of ActiveHybrid model with the F10 5-series, dubbed BMW ActiveHybrid 5. In this application, the car combined the TwinPower 3.0l in-line 6 engine from 535i model is combined with electric motor driven by lithium-ion battery stored in luggage area. The drive is channel to the customary rear wheel via 8 speed automatic transmission.
The powertrain generates a combined power output of 340bhp and 450Nm of torque and allows the car to be driven on electric power alone up to 60 km/h. The electric motor power is 55bhp and has 210Nm or torque from standstill.. Century sprint is completed in breathtaking 5.9 seconds. Fuel consumption rate is around 6.4 - 7.0 litres every 100km, similar to well-mannered drive in Perodua Alza 1.5!

The car has an intelligent energy management to harness maximum efficiency from the hybrid drivetrain. The lithium ion battery is recharged when the car is coasting and braking, when the electric motor form the roles of generator feeding the high voltage battery. On the opposing driving envelope, under heavy acceleration, the electric motor can deliver ultra dynamic burst of power giving the car an edge in its performance.

In the ECO PRO mode, the car gasoline powertrain can be decoupled completely and switched off while coasting at 160 km/h. This gives the car a comfortable cruising when the kinetic energy has build up previously.  Hybrid stop-start function is included too to prevent wasteful idling at traffic light and junction.

The AvtiveHybrid 5 gets a host of exterior differentiation from the other F10 siblings.  Apart from the obvious ActiveHybrid lettering on C-pillar, the BMW kidney grille now have galvanized slats and exhaust cutter is matte chrome. The 18" Streamline light alloy further reduced the aero drag of the car.

The launched color for ActiveHybrid 5 is Bluewater metallic and among the F10, this color is exclusive to this version only. Other bespoke touch include "ActiveHybrid 5" lettering on door sills, an aluminum plaque on centre console with the same lettering, bespoke engine cover and finally "ActiveHybrid Power Unit" in battery area.
For this particular variant of F10, the Professional Navigation System is standard item. The 4 zone climate control system is standard too, with an added feature of stationary air-conditioning during idle condition where the engine is shut off.