28 March 2012

It is called Proton PREVE

As per the title, P3-21a official name is Proton PREVE. Sounds global innit? However, if one look closely in Paultan page, all the entry about P3-21a in Proton Power of 1 events were tagged with Proton Preve already since then. So do you think it's true yet?

Well, a quick call to somewhere did reveal it is indeed a true name. However, all the cars from the production line still does not bare the model name on their trunk lid yet. Saving the best for last?

Apparently, as of today, there are only several hundreds of Preve at Proton's Tanjung Malim plant. Why? As per MMN articles about the production delay, the HPF part is the root cause. But production rate is expected to be stepped-up significantly in April. But I still think that the will be launched anyway on the rumoured date regardless of the production-readiness stock level. Venue of launch? Expect some surprise!!!!

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