06 March 2012

Acura NSX Roadster?

Remember the much awaited Honda/Acura NSX that was revealed in North America International Motor Show earlier in January? Well, apparently this is the roadster version, allegedly leaked from European patent office. The car is virtually identical to the car previewed during the introduction of the Avenger movie .

Many media is speculating that this could very well be the roadster version of the forthcoming 2015 Honda NSX. However, due to fact this car is immensely identical with the car in Avenger the movie, MMN think that this patent could be just, well, patenting the concept car design featured in that particular movie. This essentially will prevent any parties from making a copy of unprotected design. Anyway, that NSX at NAIAS 2012 is not that different anyway, saved for the LED headlighting, fixed roof and that's pretty much about it. 
More photos after the jump, depicting the front, rear, top and side profile of the patented design.

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